EA UK has announced Generations and released a new trailer


EA UK has just announced Generations and they have also released the announcement trailer. Enjoy!


  1. Oh my gosh what a cute trailer!

    It’s like a chick-flick! Kinda made me tear up…

    Thought this EP would be stupid, but was holding out for my fully formed opinion when it was announced, and it doesn’t look tooo bad. 😛

  2. Key Features GEE WIZ
    • New Activities: Sims of every age can have fun! Kids can attend ballet class (walk into a building while we wait outside), hang out in tree houses (climb into a box on a tree while we wait outside), or have fun on new playground equipment (ooo new slides). Teens can host raging parties (like they already could), pull pranks (well THAT’S gonna get old), and attend school dances (walk into their school while we wait outside). Adults can suffer midlife crises (we can change their traits oooo), and those who engage in extra-marital affairs will face the rumor mill (wow, other Sims can gossip about me).

    A.K.A. The ONLY actual features are new playground equipment, pulling pranks, and having other Sims gossip about me -___- how exciting

  3. My reservation about this EP has been well-founded.

    Fair enough, they had a few things like buggies and imaginary friends but if this is really the best they can come up with – it’s rubbish.

    Nearly no new interactions.

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