EA Store – Pre-order The Sims 3 Generations


EA has established the product page for Generations in case you may want to order from them.  With the times I ordered from them, my games arrived pretty fast.  If I come across any promotional codes that will save me some dough, chances are I’ll be ordering through them!



  1. Just preordered earlier tonight! and yes if you do preorder from ea store you can get the game earlier then expected or right on the release date.
    I get it a day early every time i preorder.

  2. I’m not going to pre order the game I will just get it when it comes out that day . Because ea always offers free item I get the red carpet item for free when I download from the ea manage. But I can’t wait for this expansion to come out I wish it was may 10 and not the 31 🙁

  3. I pre-ordered my SIMS 3 Generations on May 6th and I am excited to play it but I don’t see where to download it. I went to Download Manager and don’t see it. I also visited the EA online store and searched for my order. I found it but there is nothing under unlock code and there’s no reference to where I can download the game. HELP!

  4. i want to per order but i think you get it when it comes out. Im talking about the sims game with pets in it i a really big fan of sims but im
    also worried if you get two before release.

  5. If i was you i would not pre order at all
    for sims 3 pets who wants to wait all to the end
    of the summer for it to come to your
    home like you paid 49.99 for the game and
    you have to wait four months for it to come too you that SUCKS!!


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