CPUGamer – The Sims Medieval reviewed


There’s a lot of bashing in the following review, but it still somehow manages to earn a good score of 7.3/10 from CPUGamer:

Gameplay is pedestrian, ultimately annoying and not as replayable as a Sims title should be.  Sometimes the quests can be frustrating as the game is unclear what it wants you to do.  Since missing a deadline can send your Sim into a Focus tailspin that will make the game very difficult play for the near future, having an unclear task creates stress.  It’s not as if it’s a problem-solving issue–where the player can get some satisfaction from knowing they’ve untangled a tough puzzle–it’s equivocacy. On its face, having quests with several options originally sounds like a great way to make The Sims Medieval re-playable, but the reality is whichever Hero completes the quest the results are about the same.  Because of this overwhelming sameness, after two dozen hours The Sims Medieval is probably heading for the shelf when any other Sims title is just getting rolling.

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