I forgot to post this yesterday after watching the trailer to The Sims 3 Generations that TheBlackScorpion posted.  All Time Low’s newest song, Time Bomb, will be featured in the 4th expansion pack and you can listen to the original and the simlish version below:




  1. New Infos about this Expansions Pack: There will be small for the Sims sleeping bags, so they sleep at night with their friends under the open sky and tell each other horror stories. There will also be four new party modes that are already known: closing parties, teen parties, bachelor parties and weddings.

    Possible new character “rebellious” and “caring”to. Rebel Sims tend much to the various new painting, The Sims 3: bring joy. Sims nurses are very caring, but also place high value on morality. They can punish others for sims such as rudeness, house arrest granted, or say a video game ban. Consistent with this trait it will also be a teacher’s career.

    Moreover, thanks to the new Sims add-ons even important film moments in their lives, they can then watch them later with the family at home goggle box and so can reminisce.
    PS: i transalated it in to English
    Found it from : http://www.simtimes.de/2011/diesims3/lebensfreude/die-sims-3-lebensfreude-noch-mehr-interviews-und-berichte-7737/


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