The Sims 3 ‘Super Secret Surprise’ event on Facebook

0 you are on Facebook and you follow The Sims 3, you may have just read about a special event that will be taking place on March 31st.  Dubbed the ‘Super Secret Surprise‘ it will be something BIG and that you’ll want to be there to hear the news.

Of course, we all pretty much can guess what this is – the announcement of The Sims 3 Generations.  Those who stick to Facebook and only follow The Sims 3 will be surprised, but to the rest of the fans – the ones who often hang out at fansites already know what to expect.  😛  And besides, more than likely it’s going to be announced either a day or so before the event anyways.  😛

Either way, I’m looking forward to it!


  1. i really hope that EA is using sims generation to throw use off scent and they are going to release unleashed first cause i need sims 3 unleashed and generation doesnt seem to pack the punch, but its unlikely that will happen

  2. Really… the first surprise was dumb. A new store set. It doesn’t even look good. The next one better be the new expansion pack or will be so angry.

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