Steam users, you asked for it and now you got it.  Darkspore is now available to pre-order on Steam for $49.99.

Pre-Purchase now to get the Limited Edition and receive additional in-game items free. Own the most powerful squad on day one!

Special Character Unlock

Get instant access to a Quantum hero. Use his special space-time abilities in combination with others in your squad to gain a strategic advantage over the competition.

Exclusive Armor Pack

Acquire an exclusive armor pack featuring three stat boosting items on day one.

They also provided the following new images (although they are a bit tiny).

ss_5e292a3f1c43b1364154f77f6a0e5fc32cf5a9f6.600x338 ss_d2e5546accccebf07fd9121f58e08add5641beff.600x338 ss_2342291e5561f9cc09209d8333f074481dd31eb6.600x338 ss_5abf87e7e1d790723450377b687d2af4a9865e16.600x338 ss_fdceb491bf1edb66d316bb90185b1da8df11418c.600x338 ss_fce77a372abd94760db6902c9e99b0ff7985c246.600x338 ss_e60589410d0a58f4ff7d498b09c63d750140caa6.600x338 ss_60dc9e203e106be7f770f1ca8007b3ac8cfa8ff1.600x338 ss_fdc4c2c497f78835a920fcc1ef8e1c63c0746964.600x338 ss_7f66ba8dab60b05167a1542c8cda14786aa4d83d.600x338 ss_31d0bfbf808da9a3546f13cc4588c9fbacfd8ff8.600x338



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