(Polish) Sims Design Magazine: Spring 2011 Edition


For our polish readers, if reading fan-made magazines is your thing, then you may want to check out the 2011 Spring Edition of the Sims Design Magazine!  As I do not understand the language, I had to get a description from one of the creators.  Here’s a little note about their magazin

Our magazine contains a lot of inspirations, advices and competitions with a large number of wonderful awards such like Late Night exspansion pack or High And Loft stuff. In this issue we’re showing the ecological side of Sims’ life, accessories form The Sims 3 Store in great arrangements, life in Cardean Town – new, wonderful world by our designers, various arrangements with wall hangings from world famous Sims creators, interview with Margierytka – the biggest polish Sims creator and much more. Magazine is full of links and various buttons – they moving us to creators’ sites. Also, we have created a big gift for everybody, who click ‘like’ on our Facebook profile (http://www.facebook.com/pages/SimsDesign-Magazine/139519859394453) and find special code to unlock content of the gift.

You can check out a few preview pages below – but to read the whole magazine you’ll have to visit their site!

sdm_3 sdm_1
sdm_2 sdm_4

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