Note to those who pick up The Sims Medieval


As I won’t be getting Medieval this week, I’d still like to prep the site and get some much needed pages online (Patches and Tutorials).  If anyone out there gets their copy today, could you please let me know what the full base game version is (before the 1.1 update).  Also, if you happen to know of the links where the EA Download Manager is downloading the patch off of the EA servers, I’d love to know what that is!  Thanks!

Edit – got the base game version – thanks! I forgot to mention, if anyone can grab a screen of the patch installation in progress, that’d be excellent!


  1. The in-game “lessons/tutorial” is really the best thing I’ve seen in a while. It is VERY thorough, even to a fault, for new and old Simmers alike. I haven’t had to look up anything online, except how to unlock the Spy (which is doesn’t tell you how to do – you have to unlock the Reception Hall, oddly). The booklet it comes with in the box is basically useless, as it’s short and very ambiguous with what it tells you about the game.

    Also of note: it appears the “limited edition” items are already included on the disc! You actually input a short code into the game’s options menu and it then immediately unlocks the items without downloading anything whatsoever. Wonder how long it’ll take for someone to get them unlocked for normal editions.

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