Listed on GAME’s The Sims Medieval Collector’s Edition product page is an interview with Rachel Bernstein conducted on February 17th when they went to the event at Hever Castle.  You’ll have to scroll down the page to read about it!

For established Sims fans, will Sims Medieval have much of a learning curve or will they be able to jump straight in and get on with it?

You know, we asked ourselves that question, and we have a tutorial in the game, which we used to have it be optional, but we are always putting the game in the hands of players, and we noticed that the new people were all going through the tutorial and were all going through the game on their own perfectly. And the Sims 3 players all skipped the tutorial because they thought, well I already know, and they had to keep asking questions. And that made us really realize that, wow, well a lot of it is the same, it’s built on a lot of the same tech and a lot of the same ideas, but there are so many subtle little changes that you need to have this tutorial to understand it. So now the tutorial is mandatory and it takes you through the first quest.

So I’m not worried that there’s a learning curves because they will all get it, because they’ll go through the tutorial, so their first quest, learn how to use the camera, what responsibilities mean, how to get buffs to improve focus, how to use the quests panel so you know what to do next, how to jump around the kingdom really quickly with the camera so you can tell your Sim to go places, how to use those little map tags that pop up. There’s a lot of new UI stuff like little yellow circles that pop up – the interface is helping you, but if you don’t know that’s what it’s doing then you won’t benefit.

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