GR: I’m not particularly good at Action RPGs — I’ll quite happily admit that. The guy sitting next to me, however, was very good. During one of the levels, I kept getting killed by one of the bosses, but he sailed through with ease. How does the game accommodate for the different skillsets of different players?

MP: “That’s a great question. There are lots of different types of Action RPG players, with a very broad set of skills, right? So what we did with Darkspore, is we created a system called an AI Director. This was something very inspired by Left 4 Dead and their design for their AI Director. The AI Director in Darkspore pays attentions to everybody that’s playing the game, and what it does is: controls the number of NPCs that spawn in, it controls the type of NPCs, their behavior, how hard they are. It watches how you’re playing, and adjusts the difficulty dynamically depending on how you’re playing the game.”

“It also takes into account how many people are playing together. So if you’re playing solo through the campaign, the AI director will spawn one type of enemy, and if you’re playing in Co-op, it’ll do something a little bit differently. We want to make sure that the AI director supplies a really good experience for everybody who plays the game

, regardless of your skill level. That said, the difficulty of the game absolutely increases as you’re playing through the campaign, and as you go from level to level, it gets harder and harder, but the AI Director is there to ensure the difficulty level is always tuned to how you’re playing.”

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