Did you pick up the 2011 Ford Fiesta & Fiesta Urban Streetscape Set back in July?  An update has been released to include the new 2011 Fiesta Hatchback to the pack!  Best of all – for FRRREEEEEEEE!!!!  It’s no cherry red Ferrari, but it’ll have to do 🙂


Now your Sims can experience the fun-to-drive Fiesta and still have enough points to buy that new sofa or a sweet hairdo. Download the 2011 Fiesta Hatchback, 2011 Fiesta Sedan and Fiesta Urban Streetscape, all for FREE!* The Urban Streetscape package gives your Sims all the tools they need to handle the city, including Fiesta Urban Style graffiti, Never Get Lost Again street sign, Maid o’ Meter parking space with meter, Hot Stuff Crossing! sign, and Street Struttin’ Street Light sign. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to impress the neighbors. Get your Sims-exclusive Fiesta offer today!

Huge shoutout to Wolfgurl685 for the tipoff!

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a hatchback now? sweet! i love free cars… man if only they could get GM doing the same thing. i would love EA to make a Camaro.