GamePro was invited to EA Redwood Shores last week for a pre-GamesCom 2010 showcase in which they were able to check out an alpha build of The Sims 3 Late Night.  They brought back a few notes about the expansion:

  • Late Night brings players to a new Downtown location independent of your suburban setting from the base game (no “visiting downtown” a la Hot Date). Players start out living in a high rise apartment building that the user can decorate but not remodel completely (unless you enter a cheat), and can spend their time barhopping or trying to climb career paths which could lead to fame. The bars are the second major building addition to the game and you can build those from scratch or remodel any of the pre-fabricated ones included in the game. Different bar activities are available (like brawling and Mixology), but what’s cool about the bar scene is that the makeup of Sims in attendance changes from night to night. One night a dive bar might be the hotspot with celebrity Sims slumming it – another night, it might be a high class lounge that only Sims with a three-star celebrity or higher rating can get into.
  • Fame comes at a price unless you’re the child of a celebrity. Sims earn fame by bragging about their awesomeness in their job or talents with booze or bands. This gets other Sims talking about you and maybe open up gig Opportunities where Sims can earn more fame by working as a bartender at a famous bar or playing a show out in the park. Once your Sim’s celebrity starts climbing, they can sign autographs and move into classier places like the Penthouse or into a mansion across the river from the main Downtown area. Children of celebrities can be famous or not famous – but if they start signing autographs from childhood, then they’ll start on the star path early.

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