EA Mobile hopes not as the objective in SimCity Deluxe remains unchanged from previous entries – build up a town from nothing except a wad of cash and some big ideas.

This is done by zoning areas of land for housing, commercial buildings and industry, as well as building public amenities like roads and hospitals for your resident sims.

As the city grows larger so the demands for jobs and housing increase, and the building of public services – not to mention your budget – requires clever management skills to keep everything ticking over.

Taking control of city hall

It sounds overwhelming but it’s a fairly smooth ride due to the large amount of advice dolled out by your friendly advisor lady who pops up on screen at regular intervals.

It doesn’t take very long to get into the swing of things, helped by controls that are logically laid out, with everything easily accessed through the various menus.

I did occasionally wish there was a way of assigning particular buildings to shortcuts, especially when it came to extended road building, but as the game pauses for placing new structures it didn’t end up affecting gameplay to a serious degree.

Along with the controls, EA Mobile has also done a good job of keeping the screen relatively clutter-free, with very little extraneous information obscuring the view of your city.

This gives you a good appreciation of the improved graphics, which posses a decent variety between the various different zones and a high level of incidental detail like smog clouds and traffic build-ups.

PocketGamer rates SimCity Deluxe mobile an 8 out of 10 – full review here