If wishes could come true, then I wish for this to be SimCity 5.  This video captures New York City with various cameras to give it a ‘miniaturized’ look.  Such an outstanding video I must say…watching it makes me think of SimCity 4 with many of the mods added on.  I hope the franchise is not over yet.  Maxis – please, please return to your roots.  🙂


  1. Oh my God! That does look like a real-life SimCity!! So amazing and beautiful and alive! And it’s NYC, my fav city and home town! 😀 If Maxis does “go back to their roots” they could easily advance SimCity to look very similar to this! I agree Jud, please maxis, I’d LOVE me some new SimCity! 😀

  2. That style always freaks me out haha. It’s real, but looks fake; totally bizarre. I actually made some TS3 screenshots in the same way; some turned out alright, others more so. 

    Anyway, I hope Maxis do return to SimCity and make a true SimCity 5. I think it could be epic with today’s technology.

    • This is something I don’t understand. Spore isn’t doing all that well. EA needs to make money. What other franchise besides The Sims that can rake in a whole lotta dough? SimCity. If they could pull Maxis over and market it as the true next-gen SimCity, cash would be raining down on them.

      But if EA did do this, ‘The SimCity Store’ would not be far behind…

  3. Maxis knows what we want SimCity 5 to look like 🙂 All they need now is the will to make it come to life. Honestly, the SimCity name needs a revival, especially after their recent and very dissapointing flop, SimCity Societies… Sweet video though!

  4. I do sort of want a Spore 2 (aka Spore 2005, the game it should have been, plus more), but at the same time, I’m really really longing a proper SimCity 5. Something totally epic. Bring back all the charm, add new features…all that jazz. To be honest, I wouldn’t mind it still being in isometric view (with 3D graphics) if it meant the game would run better; most fully 3D city builders tend to have really iffy graphics and lag IMO.

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