A snippet from a pre-review (yes, it’s a preview of their review) from Know Your Mobile on The Sims 3 World Adventures for the iPhone and iPod Touch:

There’s no four hour wait in the airport, no watching everyone else’s baggage do more laps on the conveyor than Jenson Button does in a Grand Prix, and no cramp-inducing seating if you are anything above 3-feet tall.

Instead, should you travel second class, is a mini-game requiring you to tilt your iPhone until the scene from the window is no longer blurred; in first class, you don’t even need to do that before touchdown.

The downside is you would be tied to where you could go. However, Al Simhara (Egypt), Champs Le Sims (France) and Shang Simla (China) all sound like nice enough places, and each one is true to the country’s culture it resides in.

So if your Sim is in Shang Simla, you can happily send him or her round the Wall of China and other tourist attractions unique to that country. The reward is an educational fact overlaying a picture, a far cry from the exhilaration of the real experience but a reward nonetheless.

pre-review here