I gotta hand it to Fatboy…when I first saw images of the beanbag chair, I thought it would be puny in size.  Low and behold when I opened my front door to see a box about 5 feet high, I was pretty shocked.

Unwrapping the box left me with even more surprises.  I had thoughts that it would not be possible for me to actually use it since it is white.  I just don’t get along with white products – in my world as soon as I get something that is white in color, a huge ball of dust/dirt comes out of nowhere and turns it brown!  I’m like a real life Pigpen from the Peanuts comic strip.  Luckily the material that was used for this is vinyl, so it can be cleaned pretty easy if it does get dirty!

At first, before I sat in the chair I thought it needed more stuffing on the inside.  So I opened it up (at the very top there is this velcro section which also has a zipper) and peeked inside.  There has to be a million little balls in there!  If the bean bag ever breaks on you – and I’m sure it won’t unless you treat it the worst way possible – you’re going to have one heck of a major mess to clean up!

I took a number of pictures of the chair – I don’t think there are going to be that many people wanting to own one of these for the price of $229 (price of a normal-sized Fatboy, not controlled by EA) but it is perfect for the die-hard (and crazy) Sim fans like me – and I love it!  The Sims 3 Fatboy can be ordered at CSNStores.com and Walmart.com.

P.S. The only true problem with this chair is the fact that it is incredibly hard to get up after sitting down – its that comfortable!  But then again, that could be from the fact that I’m a hefty fellow and I am too fat to get back up.

Pics are taken with my iPhone, so they are not of the best quality… Oh, and I would normally make goofy faces and poses, but had someone else taking the picture rather than myself – so didn’t get away with stupid-ness (unless you count the pictures of me in it).

You do NOT want these spilling out all over the place!