Last week’s delay in the poll was caused by the Oscars, so sorry about that!  Although it was beneficially the fact that it turns out you guys don’t mind me blasting about the dumb decisions EA makes.  With a total of 341 votes, only 60 prefer to read the news only while the other remaining 281 folks think that if they do something stupid, then they deserve every rant they get.  Good to know I’m not pissing off that many of you 😛  Like I mention in the past, I’d love for more than anything to praise EA and The Sims Team for the awesome things they do.  Problem is, they haven’t exactly been awesome.  Perhaps one day they’ll claim that status, but as of right now they are still continuing a downward spiral.  They are bound to hit rock bottom though – it’s just a matter when!

Anyways, I didn’t put much thought into this week’s poll.  Just your generic “What career will you decide to choose when you get The Sims 3 Ambitions” question.  So lets hear them…You already know mine!