The Escapist - DRM Systems and the Publishers Who Love ThemI have to applaud EA for coming to their senses and admitting SecuROM was a bad decision to stick with.  The way they have it setup now doesn’t really bother me.  Enter CD key, game becomes activated – volia, its registered and you can play with the benefit of downloadable content.  But when one giant corporation fixes their mistake – a different one wants to see how much more of a mess they can make.  Ubisoft is now known as the big baddie when it comes to DRM.  Apparently their new Assassin Creed PC game is giving the gamers a huge middle finger with their method of piracy protection.

In order to play the game – single player by the way – you have to have a solid internet connection.  That’s right.  If you’re playing the game and all of a sudden your router craps out or you accidentally kick the cable, the game stops and you get dumped right to your desktop – losing your game’s progress from the last checkpoint.  Incredibly stupid if you ask me, but hey, it is their death wish they are signing.  If they want to screw with the gamers, then the gamers will make sure they’ll screw with their profits – by not purchasing their shoddy products.

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