While he was only with The Sims team for a year and from what he tells, only had 1 piece of text used in MySims Agents it makes me sad to know that we won’t get any of his witty humor.  If you never followed him as the editor for the Computer Gaming World magazine or his work from 1UP, then you missed a few good laughs!  Either way, Jeff shares his thoughts about the 10th Anniversary of The Sims, as well as his love for the classic SimTower (it’s a great game, but I was horrible at it!)

Jeff Green's thoughts on The Sims 10th AnniversaryLike many gamers, I never could keep up with the bazillion different expansion packs and stuff packs and the like, and I suspect that’s where they lost some folks, too.  What’s the old saying?  It’s hard to miss you if you never go away.  But, funnily enough, when I realized in 2008 that I wanted to get out of the game journalism racket, and made a short list of the game companies I might like to work at, Maxis/EA was right at the top of the list, along with Blizzard.   Of all the series I could imagine working on, The Sims bubbled up right to the top because it felt to me like the one that had the most humor, the most freedom,  and that, when all was said and done, was a benign force for good in the world, a happy and charming game that rewarded intelligence and creativity.   It was a series I truly believed in.

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