I’d like to clarify a little something with Luke’s last post and the comments that were left for him.  First, I want to thank him for even thinking about the fact that the site is 9 years old.  While yes, the site was created around the timeframe of August 16-18 of 2000 (I can’t quite remember which day it was, but I know it was launched around the same time I went back to school) the actual domain name was registered around this time back in 2001.  Before then I was hosted by Homesims (which was http://simprograms.homesims.com) and The Sims Resource (http://simprograms.thesimsresource.com).  Just thought I’d let you know a little more about the site’s history 🙂

Now, about the comments about being unprofessional and writing with bad grammar.  I don’t know Luke’s or Frankie’s feelings about this matter, but I’ve stated time and time again that you’re going to see many grammar/spelling mistakes.  I can’t write worth a damn and quite frankly, don’t care.  English was always my most hated subject even though somehow I always managed to ace each class (I suppose I may of been a teacher’s pet).  As for the professionalism of this site…well…I just run a blog fansite about the games I love – that we all love.  I’m not looking to branch out into the journalism industry or even the games industry.  Just a couple of fans posting things that you may be interested – or not.  If a post isn’t interesting to you – that’s alright, I understand…but just scroll on down until you find something you may like 🙂

And for future references, there even may be times where I decide to post something completely unrelated about EA/Maxis…like Left 4 Dead, Ghostbusters, movies, tv shows, my vehicles or mules.  Yes, you may wonder why I would be posting this at a Sims site…truth is it’s always been sort of a personal blog hence the tagline under the title “and other useless stuff!”.

So that’s all I have to say about that, until then gotta run, weekends/holidays are usually my time spent taking care of house-related and real-life work.  Will check-in later!