Want this Spore Patch with the 14 Mech Parts? Check out this following post to download!


Dr. Pepper is giving away exclusive in-game content for Spore. Every bottle/can wins!

Look under the cap of specially marked 20 oz., 16 oz. and 14 oz. bottles of Dr Pepper®, Dr Pepper Cherry, Diet Dr Pepper and Diet Dr Pepper Cherry for the game code and redeem for a set of all new creature parts to use in the Spore Creature Creator.
Enter your code here
Official Rules

Parts Preview:
The part set includes 14 new mech styled parts to be added in the creature editor.

Example creatures made using the new mech parts:

• Installing GA after installing the Dr Pepper parts pack is unsupported. Click here to find out more about how to fix your game issues if you’ve followed this unsupported path.

• The bot parts pack is available for PC users.

This stinks.  While at Best Buy I tried searching for Chuck Season 2 on Blu-ray.  No luck, all sold out – too many geeks in my city.  Not only that, but no Dr. Pepper with this promotion.  Once I get a code for myself, I’m uploading it to the site.  If anyone happens to come across this file or have a code, let me know immediately as this promotion is only for the US.  Personally I think it should be enjoyed by everybody.

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Well I don’t think it should be enjoyed by everyone, because only U.S. people can get this. It’s just not fair !!


Awh. Too bad I don’t live in the US.. Anyone that can help me out with this? 🙂


Lucky bastards!

Whoever got these parts, had better share the EXE file to here. EAxis must stop being resilient and reluctant about giving away their stuff.

EAxis has made a terrible mistake, I dearly hope the piracy will ruin EAxis for this colossal insult…

Kinda reminds me this: “All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.”


Uh… Sorry about my ill-reasoned comments. I’m just too depressed…


No, I agree.


omg all i need to do is buy a bottle of Dr. Pepper and i get the code to get the mech pack? RIGHT ON! I live in the U.S.!


This stinks!!! Even though I live in the U.S. I don’t think it is fair at all to the people in other countries!!! I want those parts!!!


I live in Australia and they have taken Dr Pepper off the market here.. Its very rare to be able to find a can. This is really sad as (A) I love Dr Pepper and (B) it ruins my chance of getting free parts.
LAME EA… very lame.


tere r unaficiol apps for free for other contries sorry no link


I don’t think anybody needs to worry. From what I’ve gathered, this is simply a chance for people to get it before they OFFICIALLY release it. Sooner or later, it’ll come to everybody for free. But either way, it I don’t think it’s fair either that only people who live here in US get access to this pre download. Wtf anybody?


Worked like a charm… thou i live in finland. Use the code CBEEAAAFQG9J for it 😀


so how do you get the parts in Dr.peper or what?


well, i live in the U.S. and i bought a dr pepper, 20 oz. The 20 oz code could be for spore OR the sims, i have both 🙂 i havent etntered my code in yet and i feel nothing towards you who dont have dr pepper. its your countries fault for not making dr pepper before like 1870 or something. okay, now that was a joke 🙂 its real sad you cant get the code. Why dont you make a friend in the u.s., ask him/her to buy 2 dr pepper 20 oz (or whatever, one if he/she doesnt have spore) and ask for the code, that will be good 0.o


how to instal spore patch in mac?????


Uhh, yeah, so I play wc3 and spore ga, I was downloading this ‘patch’ when I was told to put in this cd, I mean: ‘Wha?”


Can you do this on MacBook OSX?


This really stinks because I can’t use it for I have no want in doctor pepper(& I really want that parts pack!) I think they should make it a free upgrade for everyone!


I just found a website with the parts pack for free but I’m not sure if it works:



Freaking hate america and ea!


cant you just buy it for goodness sake!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!