I’ve been planning on putting this together this past weekend…now that I just got back from seeing AVATAR for the second time, I think I can finally get back to work and collect the various content floating around the net’ based on the movie.  I suppose you can say I’m a little ‘Avatarded’.  It’s such a beautiful movie and its proof that technology keeps getting better and better in terms of computer graphics (CG).  Amazed to read that the whole world of Pandora was completely brought to life via CG.  I hope it takes home many rewards when time comes – it deserves it.

Okay, so enough about the movie…If you too fell in love with the movie and want to add a little bit of Pandora to your game, check out the following content for both The Sims 2 and The Sims 3!

AVATAR content for The Sims 3

Pandora – A work in progress (see page #5 for download) by Batqueen23

Height slider for TS3 (to make tall Sims)

Pointed ears CAS Slider

AVATAR content for The Sims 2

Neytiri from Avatar – Created by sugerandcaffeine

AVATAR inspired alien skintone and eyes – Created by VacuumMelon

Na’vi eyes – Created by painthorselover

Na’vi skintone – Created by painthorselover

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Cody Smith

Hey, on trying to download the Pandora world for TS3, i went directly to page 5, and it wasn’t there, it’s on page 4. just thought i’d point that out, for you to correct.


А это на the sims 2 или на the sims 3????


where is the game the sims   2 3 ?????????????????????????????


how do you get pandora on your game if you have a mac?