For some odd reasons on many various graphics cards The Sims 3 will have high FPS (frames-per-second) rates.  It’s said that having too high of FPS could possibly crash your game or worse, cause your graphics card to overheat.  I don’t know much about the situation to be honest other than what I’ve picked up from various forums.  When I ran Fraps (a program that detects FPS) it reported my card was pumping out on average 320-350 FPS.  Most games are usually 30-60.

I haven’t experienced any problems as of yet with graphical glitches or overheating – but that could be due to the fact that I rigged two extra fans over my graphics cards in my PC to begin with.  For those of you who are less savvy and are worried about this problem, I think there is a tool called ‘FPS Limiter‘ that should lower the FPS to a more acceptable standard.

EA is aware of this issue, as SimGuruBGY posted the following in this thread:

Hey, folks.

Discussion of the FPS limiter will not get anyone in trouble – EA, however, cannot endorse the use of that particular program since we haven’t checked the code for bugs; use at your own risk.

We are looking into solutions for the excessive FPS issue, and when we have more information, we’ll be posting it here.


-Big Guy-

Any questions about the FPS Limiter program…I don’t think I’ll be able to help you out with that as I’ve yet to use the program and haven’t experienced any signs of failing hardware or graphical glitches.  Just thought I’d through this out there so folks will know EA is aware of the problem.

*update* – Another FPS Limiter program can be found here (base game only).  Thanks to Riley for pointing this out!

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This strange becuase just two weeks ago I sent them a very techincal email saying it has no limiter and my UGM (Ultimate Gaming Machine( with it awasome dual Ati Radeon 5870s was getting too hot. I was getting frame rates close too 900.


I have GeForce, and it sets to 60 Hz in the game options. It has 60 to 75 Hz. My question is- Are Hz and fps both the same thing? If no, how can I find what fps is when running and playing Sims 3? is the one to try out? I did the fps on cheat in the game, and the numbers move rapidly from 1 to 100 back and forth, not staying still. I am not sure what exact number it is. Thanks.


Fraps is a program you can try – but yeah, it does bounce around like crazy so it’s hard to get an exact answer. If you are below 100…I’d suppose you’d be safe.

And Hz is difference from FPS, I believe Hz is the screeen refresh rate.


Judhudson, if your machine is pumping out 320-350 fps then even the two extra fans won’t help protect your card entirely if you’re running the game often. I have multiple fans on my machine as well. You’ve got to remember that more than overheating is at stake, there’s huge energy consumption as well, and your card’s lifespan will be considerably shorter if you don’t start using and fps limiter. Don’t wait for the warning signs, that just means it’s too late. I imagine it’s also generating a lot of noise? Which isn’t a problem, but also isn’t fun.


Ah. Well I do not (luckily) run the game all that often, so I’m lucked out there.


I downloaded two files from,15585.0.html

Now, the fps is about 20 to 30 when turning fps on cheat. I am going to use those files until EA solve this issue anytime soon.


Im really happy someone posted this. Its gave me a better idea about how these things work so thankyou to start with. I do on the other hand have a question, this happens to me a lot so I was interested to find this out, but are there any graphics cards that dont suffer from this problem? Because my game constantly crashes to the desktop and my computer makes horrible noises as if its in pain! Please reply asap!!


Don’t think so….Well I guess low-end graphic cards don’t, I can’t really say. My GTX 275 hits about 350 fps in the game, but that is a high-end card.


for thoes who want Vsync in TS3.
go to nvidia control panel>
3D settings>
Manage 3D Settings> Program Settings tab
Select TS3.exe in drop down box>
Scroll down to the bottom>
Select vsync> Force on


i instaled Fraps, when i started The sims 3. i got 2000 fps -_- wtf with that


This was a problem 2 years ago???!?!??
Sims create a world has no FPS limiter, if my computer fry’s I will be sending a bill To EA