Maxis is kicking off their YouTube User Upload Challenge #3 – this time fans can create adventures based on their favorite video game and upload their movies to YouTube for a chance to win!

User Video Challenge Instructions:

Galactic Adventures allow you to create any game imaginable and even those that have been imagined.

For this challenge, create an adventure as a tribute to your favorite video game of all time. Have the adventure either mimic the game or feature elements from it (plot, props, objectives etc).

Once you have created your adventure, make a trailer for the mission and post it as a video response to show everyone what a cool adventure you’ve made. Make sure to note the name of the mission in your video so people can find it in Sporepedia!

And dont forget to check out last weeks best user challenge video FlyingPigBoys Spore Road Trip:…

Stay tuned for next weeks YouTube video challenge….

Helpful Technical Information:

To participate in our challenge enter your video as a video response to this one. Here’s how to create a video file to upload manually:

-To capture video in Spore Galactic Adventures, click V to begin video capture and V to end video capture

– Your video will be posted in the “Movies” folder which is located in your “My Spore Creations” directory

– Post your finished video as a video response to this video by clicking “Post a Video Response” in the video response section to the left