TnT Production’s review of the Spore Galactic Adventures Creator’s Camp


Firstly I would like to personally thank MaxisCactus and the entire staff at Maxis for giving myself and my other fellow creators/friends (Ceece, Fotosynthesis, Parkaboy, dananddna, Gryphon57, G3NJI, Shattari, Slartibartfast38, Masscolder & myself TnT-Productions) this special opportunity of being chosen for this prestigious event.

They all made this the best ever dream come true of a lifetime for all of us and we will never ever forget this great experience. I only wish that TJ (The other half of TnT-Productions) could have been included in this with us, but he had sadly just returned to Norway leaving me to go in his place. Hopefully he will get the opportunity in the not too distant future to be included the next time around if there will be another that is.

To arrange something like this down to the last detail (flights, hotels, Fabulous meals, taxi’s, schedules and such) along with putting up with our endless questions, frustrations with not knowing the limitations while creating, and making this just plain fun for all of us, is something they all deserve kudos for (Well Cactus gets the most kudos for organizing this). They are all simply the best in our eyes and we all can’t thank all of them enough for all that they have given us by inviting us all there, and for all the goodies we received as well.

This expansion pack is utterly amazing without a doubt and one that will not be learned overnight by a long shot…lol. The planet editor is so versatile and totally endless in creativity. The complexity meter in the planet creator is off the charts (don’t think you could max this out) and the great thing is that it won’t count towards the complexity in the mission creator, which again exceeds way beyond what we ever expected.

The tools available are amazing to say the least and the graphics are truly stunning. the new captains parts/outfitter are fabulous and so much fun. My favorite is the generator or shield generator (not sure which) that has the coolest animation ever, as it is like this massive electric field surrounding your captain (kind of like lightning)simply awesome.

I think that the terra-forming of the planets will be my absolute favorite thing to do though, as it’s like sculpting a world of your own choosing, beyond your wildest imaginations. Anything is truly possible, just let your inspiration and creativity soar like never before. Also the sound effects as well as added visual effects can make your mission the best that it could ever be.

I remember Ceece using one such effect in a fountain which Andeavor made as a gaprop, it was like this colorful foggy/bubbling thing going on…it just literally brought that fountain to life, simply astounding. So the possiblilities are truly endless if you only take the time to let your imagination absorb all the features as you try them all out.

We surely didn’t learn even the half of it in the 2 days we were there…lol…so just don’t expect the impossible to happen overnight, start small and slow and work your way up to bigger and better things and you will be sure to create something special in the long run that your fellow sporians will thoroughly enjoy playing through, start to finish. Just remember to have fun creating and playing in this wonderful world of Spore.

There is even a new Q&A which you can finish reading over at Sporedum!


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