Last month, the EULA for The Sims 3 appeared…in which was dated 3/22/09.  WritinReg from The Sims 2 BBS has found a revised EULA for the game, dated 3/27/09.  With less than 2 months to go, it’s just about certain this could be a final EULA for the game (but hey, it’s subjected to change at any time, so watch it!).  They only have 1 month to finalize the EULA as in May, the game will have to go gold.

In the updated EULA, they offer details for both the retail and digital download versions.  While Securom is not found in the retail package, it WILL be put into the digital download.  They also are planning to keep the In-game advertising in which will be featured in both the retail and digital download versions.  This is how it will work:

E. IGA Worldwide Technology. This game incorporates dynamic advertisement serving technology offered by IGA Worldwide Inc. (“IGA Technology”), which enables advertising to be temporarily uploaded into the game on your PC or console, and replaced while you are online. IGA Technology only logs information that is needed to measure presentation of advertising, and to serve advertising to the appropriate geographic region and to the right location within the game. Logged data may include Internet Protocol Address (“IP Address”), in game location, length of time an advertisement was visible, size of the advertisements, and angle of view. The IP Address is deleted when the online game session ends. Your game may be assigned an id number, which is stored on your PC or console, and used by IGA Technology to calculate the number of unique and repeat views of dynamic in game advertising. The id number is not associated with any personal data. No logged information is used to personally identify you. This ad serving technology is integrated into the game; if you do not want to use this technology, do not play the game while connected to the Internet. For more information see our privacy policy at

And here is the information for the Digital Download (in which honestly, I wouldn’t recommend to anyone) about SecuROM being included:

B. Technical Protection Measures. When you purchase the Software online via digital download (the “Digital Download Version”), you receive a Digital Download Version of the Software that uses SecuROM digital rights management technology provided by Sony DADC Austria AG. The SecuROM technology is integrated into the Digital Download Version of the Software and is not a separate installation. For more information about SecuROM, visit and http:/

By installing the Software, you acknowledge and agree to the Software’s use of SecuROM. An internet connection is required to authenticate the Software and verify your license (“Online Authentication”). EA reserves the right to validate your license through subsequent Online Authentication. If your license is not valid, as determined solely by EA, you may not be able to use the Software. A machine will be authorized to play this game after authentication and license validation by EA. The License allows for up to 5 machines, owned by the holder of this License, to be authorized concurrently for access to the offline features of this Software. You can manage your authorizations yourself by following the de‐authorization instructions found in The Sims 3 Launcher. For additional information about The Sims 3 Launcher, see section D, below. A dll file beginning with “drm_dynata” will reside in the temp directory of your computer each time you de‐authorize a machine. To delete any de‐authorization‐related dll files that reside on your machine, simply delete any and/or all files beginning with “drm_dynata”. An internet connection is required for de‐authorization. When you install the Software on a machine, the machine is automatically authorized (provided you have authorizations available). When you uninstall the Software from a machine, that machine is automatically de‐authorized. To authorize the machine, simply install the Software (provided you have authorizations available). EA does not recommend that you attempt to disable or access SecuROM. If you disable or otherwise tamper with the technical protection measures, the Software may not function properly and you will have materially breached this License.

You can obtain the EULA’s for both the retail and digital download versions (PDF file, Adobe Reader required!) through this link here.