A total of 112 votes for the question “Now that The Sims 3 (Retail Package) has been confirmed to NOT use SecuROM, do you plan to get it?” were received from last week’s poll!  Many TS3 fans are eager to purchase the game – 93 Votes (83.0) said that now plan on purchasing Sims 3 since SecuROM will not be included with it.  Only 19 voters (17%) are still skeptical on the issue.  After I heard the news of no more SecuROM earlier last week, I went out to Best Buy and pre-ordered the Collector’s Edition!  My pre-order poster is now hanging in my work office with my Spore poster 😀

This week, the poll is aimed at Spore users.  Since I cannot really think of anything at this moment (bad planning on my part, I’m sorry!) I’ve decided to go back to April Fools day to ask the following question:  If Maxis’ April Fools gag “Dungeons of Spore” was a full game, would you purchase it?