To the community,

If you see a file on the internet of “The Sims 3 Demo”, under any circumstances, do NOT download the file, as it is a virus.  We all know how anxious everyone is to get their chance to play The Sims 3, but at this time there is NOT an official demo available.  If there ever will be, you can download it from the official Sims 3 website (not to mention countless Sim fansites will be reporting on it).

So far, links have been found on The Sims 3 Facebook page in the comments, so be aware and do not click on any attachments of .zip, .exe or the likes.  And always keep your trusty anti-virus software up-to-date in case you do accidently click on it.

Fansite owners, I urge you to please make a post and to steer simmers away from potentially harming their computers 🙂

Thanks to WIKIDSIM2K4 from the Sims 2 BBS for the tip!