has published information on The Sims 3 Creator’s Camp that was held back in January.  Each week, they will bring to us two new creator profiles and share with us the items that they created.

This week marks Week #6 and it’s update is with content creators Estatica and Hatshepsut.

Estatica’s Profile

One of the homes she created is a manor house created in a pleasant, country style with rich stone accents. The majority of the lot is gated with space for a car in the front yard area. The manor features a pond, picnic tables and large backyard perfect for fishing, playing catch, or starting a prized garden. The interior of the manor is also richly furnished with comforting brown and wood tones that give the rooms a homey feel.

Hatshepsut’s Profile

Hatshepsut specializes in creating houses, walls and floors. During The Sims 3 Creator’s Camp she created collections of themed items as well as full houses for The Sims 3 Exchange. Her favorite piece of content, a house she created in a Mediterranean style, includes a wide front porch, sculptured front garden, pool, balconies, and patio set.