has published information on The Sims 3 Creator’s Camp that was held back in January.  Each week, they will bring to us two new creator profiles and share with us the items that they created.

This week marks Week #5 and it’s update is with content creators TSR_Dot and Padre.

TSR_Dot’s Profile

TSR_DOT utilized the Create a Style tool to create fixtures and furniture that complement each other perfectly.  Within the tools she was able to customize patterns and save presets that could later be applied to any object she chose.  She was able to create a series of matching bedroom and kitchen furniture with Create a Style.  From the bed to the cabinets to the dressers and mirrors,  the furniture is finished in a clean white wood with golden-rod accents.

Padre’s Profile

Padre describes his most memorable experience from playing The Sims as the very first time he offered a mesh for upload to the community where it was accepted and downloaded by other players.  Best known in the community for creating custom meshes and home décor, Padre brought a clean yet eclectic style to the Content Creators Camp.

With a collection of Sims, Lots, and Objects Padre offers a wide variety of items on the Exchange.  His content ranges from the ultra posh, modern home titled Zen to the UG. Lee bed and dresser set which is… well, I’m sure you can guess 🙂