Apple is currently holding their iPhone OS 3.0 conference, describing new features that comes with the phones.  I’ve been keeping an eye on a liveblog, and just got tipped the following information on EA and The Sims 3.

The Sims 3 will use the iPhone 3.0 features.  In it going to use the In-App program in which you can buy items for your sims from the App store for $.99 (boooo).  An awesome feature for the game is that the stereos/radios in the game will play the music from your ipod/iphone library!

iphone30softwareb81 iphone30softwareb86 26rco-34fae614c3dba4fb85fced3bb70c66aa.49bfe11d apple-2009-iphone-3-1256-rm sims3iphonescreenshot01

Thanks to Gizmodo for the pics!