Stephen Totilo from MTV Multiplay Blog spoke with Spore General Manager Lucy Bradshaw about Spore Hero for Wii.

The basic storyline of Spore Hero involves a catastrophic event on your planet thus your creature catches a ride on a meteor and plummets into a new planet.  Once you are there, you are able to interact with that planet’s creatures – either combat or social behavior.  The game will also give you quests, in which you’ll earn new abilities and unlock further areas.  An example was given that if you earn the “Jump” ability, you’ll be able to access areas that were once unreachable.

Lucy does mention that while the game has similarities from the PC version (procedural animation returns), the two are not connected in any way.  Do’h!  Would of been amazing if the Wii version could of used the creatures from the existing Sporepedia!  However, the Wii version will be getting new parts as well as new ‘motion’ controls with the Wii-Remotes motion detecting features.

Although there are no screenshots, Lucy mentions that the game fits best on the Wii with its “cheerful experience” that fits right into Nintendo’s friendly atmosphere.

“This is very playful,” she said, explaining why the game wasn’t slated for, say, the PlayStation 3. “It takes advantage of the controls explicitly. And even stylistically, when you see the game, you’ll go, ‘Oh yeah, that’s definitely a Nintendo Wii game.’” As for the controls, she said that the team is “taking a look” at the Motion Plus option for even better Wii motion-sensitivity than what is available directly out of the box.

While Motion Plus would be an extra boost, I wouldn’t count on it…And the fact that she stated what it looks like (Oh yeah, that’s definitely a Nintendo Wii game.) will most likely have gamers stating the game will look like crap! Sad to see that, but a lot of gamers bash Wii for it’s simplistic graphics and weak hardware.   I don’t care what it looks like, I’ll play it!

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