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Sims 3 Cas Guy Sims 3 Cas Girl

Lifetime Wishes are long-term goals for players to focus their Sims towards if they prefer a little more direction. Your Sims are able to choose a Lifetime Wish based on their traits. Completing a Lifetime Wish may require your Sims to master certain skills, reach the top of a career, become a local celebrity, or perhaps even a heartbreaker. By completing a Lifetime Wish, your Sims will earn enough Lifetime Happiness points to choose from a variety of whacky Sims objects and powerful traits like Steel Bladder, Legendary Host or the Teleportation Pad.

Based on Your Traits, You Could Strive to be a:

  • Professional Author
  • World Renowned Surgeon
  • Become a Superstar Athlete
  • CEO of a Mega-Corporation
  • Hit Movie Composer
  • Heartbreaker
  • Rock Star
  • Or, Many More!