has published information on The Sims 3 Creator’s Camp that was held back in January.  Each week, they will bring to us two new creator profiles and share with us the items that they created.

This week marks Week #4 and it’s update is with content creators Jope and Ehaught58.

Jope’s Profile

Some of Jope’s favorite items to create were her houses. Using the improved landscaping tools she was able to add stylish exteriors to her bungalow inspired architecture. She created a stunning one-story that is chic, yet classic, with bay windows and stone accents. The crowning jewel of this home is the front and back garden which slopes up to the elevated porch and includes and scenic lake that curves around the outdoor space.

Ehaught58’s Profile

Ehaught58 is known in The Sims Community for creating memorable lots and at this year’s Creators Camp, he didn’t disappoint. One of the few creators to experiment with creating a Community Lot, Ehaught58 contributed some signature lots and houses to the exchange.

Ehaught58’s first creation is a classic 1970’s inspired lakeside log cabin. Complete with a wrap around observation deck for lounging in the sun, fire-pit area for roasting marshmallows, and nearby pick-up truck for those necessary trips into town, this home is perfect for a family of outdoorsy, nature loving Sims.