has published information on The Sims 3 Creator’s Camp that was held back in January.  Each week, they will bring to us two new creator profiles and share with us the items that they created.

This week marks Week #3 and it’s update is with content creators Suza and Tdyannd.

Suza’s Profile

From their facial features, to their clothing and the accessories they wear every aspect of Suza’s Sims were carefully coordinated to create a picture of a family who complemented each other and their house well while remaining very detailed and visually interesting Sims. Her male Sim has a hip pair of glasses that perfectly match his glasses while the female Sims makeup was customized to coordinate with her outfit. One of Suza’s other Sims is a young girl with pigtails and freckles who’s argyle sweater just happens to match the diamond flooring throughout most of the house.

Tdyannd’s Profile

Specializing in creating Sims, lots, and recolors of existing in game objects, tdyannd was able to create a wide range of outfits, walls, and furniture for the exchange. Many of her furniture pieces matched a set of walls or floors and could be downloaded and combined to and a stylish theme to your Sims home. The outfits and clothing for Sim tdyannd’s created range from coordinated jumpers for toddlers to brightly colored swimsuits for adults. One of the most memorable pieces of creative content from is an old fashioned, boxy shaped car that’s sporting a hip pattern of purple and green stars against a black paint job.