has published information on The Sims 3 Creator’s Camp that was held back in January.  Each week, they will bring to us two new creator profiles and share with us the items that they created.

This week marks Week #2 and it’s update is with content creators SterlingDT and Shtinky.

SterlingDT’s Profile

Sterling’s creations are definitely unique, even amongst themselves! Fox Glen Manor is a contemporary estate with structured gardens while Sterling Keep is a cozy castle-lette with Grecian accents. SterlingDT’s favorite creations from the week are titled Mistral house and SeaGate. Mistral House is a contemporary styled home that reinvents the rustic cabin hideaway cabin and is settled on a lake in the woods while Sea Gate is a modern residence with clean architectural lines built on the ocean coast.

seagate mistral foxglen2

Shtinky’s Profile

This creator amazed The Sims 3 Team with her ability to make some of the most unique Sims we’ve seen yet. From the bizarre to the cute to the unfortunate, the look of her Sims practically begs the player to create bizarre storylines for them to live out.

With cartoonish features that lend distinct personality to each Sims appearance, it’s easy to imagine the lives these Sims would lead in Sunset Valley. Shtinky’s Sim Lila Loofer won the award for most unfortunate Sim at the content creator’s camp and if you check out the Screenshot below you can see why!

Lila Loofer clare_and_derrick