During the Creator’s Camp last month, a couple of people from Prima Games dropped by to see how things were shaping up with the game.  One of the authors posted their take of the event, read below for a sample:

But recently, I had the opportunity last month to visit Electronic Arts Redwood Shores (EARS for short) and actually see some masters in action.  First, if you’ve never had a chance to see the EA campus, it’s amazing (and huge-bigger than my own university actually).  The campus is busy with people running back and forth between various projects and buildings, TV displays always buzzing with new titles…  Let me put it this way-they have their own Starbucks.

After my initial moment of awe at the entrance, we were greeted by our friendly licensor contact, Dan, for a brief walk around.  I knew immediately from the glass window displays and plumbob lamps hanging from ceiling where I was: the Sims Floor.  The walls were lined with nicely printed publicity posters and tons of the design documents literally stapled to the walls.  Ideas for every building in the Neighborhood in every shade of color and texture you could think of until it was “perfect.” A wide array of faces in every shape and expression imaginable (and even some I thought were impossible).  The wireframes of items as they were being created and laid out for development.  The sheer diversity in clothing and styles nearly dazed me.

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