I wish Michael Jackson was normal…Damnit, he was an awesome performer and musician…I hate the position he has put himself in during the late 90’s and forward.  Back on topic here, The Australian version of Kotaku has a new preview for The Sims 3.  They discuss what their thoughts as well as the criminal career track and a few other things.  Here’s a sample of what they suggested needs to be fixed before the game hits in June:

What Needs Improvement?
Glitches, Bugs, Hiccups: The Sims is a huge game; lots of little things like a twitchy animation or a grammar error get missed. I saw only one major bug where something pops up when it’s not supposed to; but one hour isn’t nearly enough time to comb through the entire game for every instance of minor screw-ups like that.

Online integration: The online community for the Sims franchise has always been active in creating custom content (my personal favourite being vials of poison for those pesky sims you need to kill off quickly); but ties between the game itself and the community have been weak. Supposedly Sims 3 will allow you to share even more custom content with the online community – but unless there’s some incentive to do so (like a create-a-look-alike sim competition), the community won’t change very much from its Sims 2 level of participation.

You still can’t get your kids back if the Social Worker takes them: So much for total realism.

Read the article here, read it, read it naaaaooooooo!!!