The band Bang Camaro appears to be really popular as everyone is trying to get an interview with them!  Good friend Artie from The Sims 3 World also had the oppurtunity to conduct a Q&A on the band.

Have there been any funny moments while recording?
There are funny moments during nearly everything we do. Hilarity during recording usually has something to do with one of the singers starting to laugh uncontrollably at a joke made right before a take, which erupts into non-stop laughter and costs us more studio time than we would like to admit.

Our favorite drink called “white cake” doesn’t help.

You’re the only band I know with 10-20 vocalists, how does that work out?
It’s pure mayhem, all the time. We just did a cruise with Lynyrd Skynyrd and a ton of southern rock fans left the boat saying that we were crazy. On-stage and off-stage, it’s a party.

But seriously, our singers are all lead singers of other bands in Boston. They do very difficult vocal lines that take a lot of work. It’s something that surprises a lot of people.

On your website it says Pizza Party was already taken for a band name, how did Bang Camaro come about?
“Bang” and “Camaro” are the two sexiest words in the English language. We thought it described our sound well.

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