Browsing IMDB yesterday for more information on a recent movie I seen (My Bloody Valentine 3D), I decided to check out the status of ‘The Sims Movie’ to see how things were going.  Surprised, it turns out that the original IMDB page for ‘The Sims Movie’ is no longer listed.  Confused, I double checked John Davis’ profile (the producer) to see what’s going on.  Well, it’s not listed on his upcoming work either.

Did EA and Fox Studios decide to axe the idea of creating a movie based on The Sims?  The truth may never be known, but at this time things aren’t looking good.  The idea for the movie was about 2 teens who picked up ‘The Sims Infinity Pack’ at an odd video game store, and when they play the game the kids start to notice things taking effect in the real world.  They decide to use it to their advantage but then things quickly turn against them.