Finally, the time has come to make the decision on who gets the Spore Creepy & Cute Stuff Pack!

There were a total of 5 entries.  I’ll list them in order of their creations – Donkule by WyldJoker, Donkey from Shrek by Juan Acuna, Wonkey by Audrey, North African Donkey by Fleshtear and then Mule by Vonboy.

Now it’s time to pick the best three out of the five.  I hate doing this to be honest.  Wished I had more games to hand out since you have entered my contest.  Sadly I only bought 3. 🙁  But I do thank you for the time you spent to come up with these critters!  After loading them into my Spore game and played with each one, I found these to be the best 3 of the bunch:

Congratulations goes to Audrey for Wonkey, VonBoy for Mule and WyldJoker for Donkule.  You’ll soon be getting Creepy & Cute in the mail after I contact you for your information.  Thanks to Juan Acuna and Fleshtear for entering the contest 🙂

3 copies of Spore Creepy & Cute Parts Pack arrived in my mail earlier today.  Now, the questions is…what should I do to give them away?  How about a contest!  Usually, I’m not good at deciding how to do contests but I’ve been thinking about holding a particular one for awhile.  Now that thought has turn into a reality with:

How about that crafty 5 minute photoshop job?  😛

This contest is going to be very simple.  What I would like you to do is to come up with a creation based on a Mule and/or Donkey.  I linked to Wikipedia in case you’re not familiar with what they are.  Now don’t be crafty and come up with a Mule Deer or a Mule ATV – those don’t count I’m afraid.  Oh, and don’t try to pass off other creations from the Sporepedia as your own, I’m familiar with what is out there as I manage a Sporecast based on mules and donkeys.

The rules:

  1. Contest is only open for US citizens
  2. Create a Mule/Donkey creation
  3. Upload it to the Sporepedia
  4. Send me the link to your creation, my email is CONTEST IS OVER
  5. Contest ends next Tuesday (December 9) at 8:00 PM CST
  6. I’ll pick the best 3 from the bunch and if you win, you’ll hear back from me with details on how to get your game!

It’s that simple.  So get cracking at it, I don’t want to be stuck with 3 copies, I already know I’m getting one for Christmas!  Good luck everyone!