Simsdetoi informed me that they came across many new screens for the latest in the MySims franchis:  MySims Party.  Check out the screens either at their site or see them below.  MySims Party is for the Nintendo DS and the Nintendo Wii with a release date of sometime in 2009.

Nintendo DS

mysimptndsscrnvincent mysimptndsscrnodin mysimptndsscrndjcandy mysimptndsscrnchazmysimptndsscrngothboy

Nintendo Wii

mysimptwiiscrn30annie mysimptwiiscrn25chaz mysimptwiiscrn20drf mysimptwiiscrn12gothboy mysimptwiiscrn11dolly mysimptwiiscrn10elmira mysimptwiiscrn09roxie mysimptwiiscrn08vic mysimptwiiscrn07nicole mysimptwiiscrn06vincent mysimptwiiscrn05djcandy mysimptwiiscrn04gino mysimptwiiscrn03poppy mysimptwiiscrn02buddy mysimptwiiscrn01rosalyn