I thought I would reflect on giving thanks to everyone that helped Simprograms achieve 1,000,000 visitors. Technically, this site probably has surpassed that number years ago (site is going into it’s 9th year in 2009) but this is the first time I’ve been keeping stats since I switched the site over to WordPress and started to manage news.

First of all I want to thank the Maxis community as a whole – the various webmasters and fans. SnootySims, InfiniteSims, UOEM, GamingSteve, O’ Sims BR, Sims 3 Maniacos, Space Oddity, my affiliates…the list can go on and on! Working with you has been a blast! I’ve seen people come and go over 8 years, but at this time I’ve never seen such a great bunch of people helping and serving the community, and that’s what really counts!

To my commenters, Thomas Riordan, Frankie, Jack and the rest of you. I appreciate you commenting on the news posts and help furthering the discussions as well as pointing out my flaws (you know I’m a horrible writer!) as well as sending in tips.

To the overall visitors. I have a feeling a lot of you lurk and mostly check out the tutorials or programs – and it’s perfectly acceptable. I thought I would thank you for even coming by in the first place. You are the reason this site exists. 😀 I hope I’ve done my best to help further your way into creating custom content for the games or helped you gain knowledge on new game play experiences!

And last but not least, I’d like to thank Maxis and EA. Yeah, I know that I often bash them for their stupid business practices. However, I cannot deny the fact that they still make great games. So thanks to them for all of the wonderful simulation games on the market today and I hope they do their best to bring us new and exciting things.

So yeah…thanks again for visiting this site. This site is my pride and joy, without it I’m not sure where I would even be! Here’s to another million!