I knew there was a new blog coming today for SimDay, but I didn’t know it would be posted as quick as it did!  You can check out the latest blog entry at the official The Sims 3 website titled Community Features.  In the blog, Adam (Producer of The Sims Internet Group) describes a few new planned features for the Sims 3 community.

For instance, the new website will include a much better search feature for custom content – You’ll be able to search for keywords and category listings by date, number of downloads, and how many people recommended it.  Yeah, they will be sporting a new ratings system much like Spore has, except they designed it to only have a thumbs up (to prevent those from rating down on purpose).

They’ll also tie the webpage into the Launcher that ships with the game so you can view the latest updates or download content before you load up TS3.  Film makers, you’re going to love the new online Movie-Mashup tool with tons of content to create great movies.  Oh, and the last plans they discuss are sharing tools to share your created content with friends and family thru email, myspace, facebook, fansites and personal blogs.

Here’s a brief paragraph from the blogpost:

First, we are really excited about the new Exchange. We’re making it way easier and faster to find what you are looking for by browsing and searching. You’ll be able to use keywords and filters to hone in on what you are looking for, and the advanced search function is crazy powerful. Plus, we’ll let you sort your search results and category listings by date, number of downloads, and number of recommendations. Yes – members of the community will be able to recommend items by clicking a thumbs-up icon! There is no thumbs-down, so this is truly an all-positive rating system!

Once again, thanks to InfiniteSims for the notification!