Spore players, if you’re up to it you can now grab Spore Patch #3. Your game should prompt you to update when you play it (if you have EADM installed, that is).

Patch is now available to download on this site in our Spore Patches section.

The patch only fixes 3 bugs:

  • Fix for esc key not bringing up Options in Galaxy Game Entry
  • Fix for creator backgrounds appearing on small sporepedia cards
  • Update to help keep achievements on the server in sync with achievements in the game

And don’t forget, it comes with 24 new limbs, which can be seen in this image:

Spore limbs


  1. Great game, great patch. I’m glad that we don’t have to pay for these. And mabye if Cute & Creepy doesn’t work out they’ll give it to us for free in a patch!

  2. hello I downloaded the patch 2 times and neither of the two times are the parties to it creator of creatures, I am not the creator complete spore creatures


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