GamePro is putting out a hardback book based on the top 25 most influential games of all time.  You can check out a sneak peek of the book by visiting this link.  While they don’t list all 25 games, they do list the top 8.  The Sims makes that list coming in at number 4.

4-The Sims
Release Date: February 4, 2000

Original Review Quote: “The Sims is a must-play evolutionary step for PC gaming.”– “Dan Elekro” Amrich

GamePro presents: The 8 Most Influential Games!

The Sims is simulation at its simplest. While other titles had treaded the genre before, The Sims became the PC’s all-time bestselling game by boiling it down to an easily relatable element. Everyone who plays The Sims knows how to live, and the game allows them to apply their skills to an avatar that will hopefully have it better. While the series continues to thrive via expansion packs and sequels, its influence is found in Second Life, an online PC game where people interact, exchange real money for virtual services, and live lives that border on reality.

Check out their article and if interested, order the book.