Maxis is letting people know that starting at 10PT, Spore’s server (and website) will be unavailable for 3 hours due to maintenance.  So if you try to hit the website during that time period, you’re going to either get 404’d or a that creature with a bulldozer.  You’ll also not be able to log into your game.  Here’s the note from the official site:

The servers will be down for maintenance on Wednesday , October 22nd, at 10AM Pacific Time (5PM GMT). They will be down for approximately three hours. Players will be unable to log into their games and the website will be inaccessible during this time.

I hope they fix many of the website’s bug.  I’d love for them to finally add the ability to delete creatures from your sporecasts as it’s been broken for a long time.  Good luck Caryl and webteam 🙂