Leave it to 1UP to snag a great interview with Spore producer Lucy Bradshaw. In the interview, they cover the Spore Creepy & Cute pack, the upcoming Space expansion, as well as future possibilities for Spore – one in which how it might be possible for players to create their own parts someday!  Catch a little bit of the interview below.

1UP: For someone who’s looking at the game as a fan or even for someone who maybe hasn’t picked up the game and might be considering it, if they’re looking and already see two add-ons/expansion packs announced and potentially an infinite number down the road…. Do you have any worries about burning out consumers? Or do you think it won’t be a big deal because they’ll be able to pick and choose whether or not they want each one?

LB: I think because the game itself gives you such a wide spectrum to play in, that’s a very satisfying experience. Spore in and of itself gives so much room for creativity, for gameplay, and I’m quite positive there’s a number of players who haven’t explored the space stage to the extent that we engineered in there. Spore gives you a great depth of play. Some players are going to find themselves fascinated with different aspects of what the game offers. Different stages are going to appeal to different audience types.

One of the things we wanted to do was not only extend it in that regard, but also to speak to new audiences. Some players are really about that creativity, so we’re giving them a little more depth in that area. We’re also going to be taking the game where we depart from the structure of Spore and see what we can do there. That’s another aspect of our franchise strategy. There’s a lot of people out there, and they have different motivations to play and different styles in terms of what they want to get out of a game. That’s an overall strategy for the franchise, to open it up to new audiences but to also give the audience that we’ve got new ways of playing.

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