This question was brought up a long time ago, and at the time, I said no.  But PocketGamer brings it up again with their latest article on Spore Origins for the iPhone. 

While that same claim can’t be made against Nintendo DS’s Spore Creatures, there’s a distinct difference between the two games. Spore Origins feels organic and fun – qualities glaringly absent from its DS ‘incarnation’. It’s worth mentioning that implementation of touch controls and the presentation is far better on iPhone, too.

All of this comes at a cheaper price. High quality titles delivered at a lower price are sure to attract attention. The example Spore Origins has set should be followed by the legions of iPhone game developers out there: make games that are pure, natural, and fun and then give it to us at a reasonable price.

They make a few valid points – with the games being cheaper (iPhone itself is still too pricey!) as well as more future games along the way.  I think I will stick by my side and continue to roll with the DS.  However, if they can price the iPhone for $99, I might have to consider (if the monthly payments don’t kill me that is!)

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