On September 8th, Maxis had a producer tour to showcase MySims Kingdom (Wii, DS) and MySims (PC).  You can check out a preview with many images at the link below.  Their impressions?

MySims Kingdom is really different from MySims because of the puzzle element, it’s also funnier and the controls are still the same.  I doubted the original game of MySims but having played that game at home it changed my opinion completely, with MySims Kingdom i just know that if you liked the 1st MySims you’ll love this game as well.  Also because of the puzzle – adventure type gameplay it’s more fun to play, then just build stuff.

MySims for the PC is really great due to the fact you can play with your friends online and you can really share your creations with everyone.  You can give things you’ve made to your friends or put them on a website for everyone to download.  The game is also laptop friendly, and the building system works the same as the building on the WII.

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